Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Optimizing Web Pages

To get high search rankings, you must optimize your web site to have good quality content that is useful to your visitors. Let's look at the specific things you can do to optimize your web pages for high search ranking.These are the general rules you should follow when optimizing your website or blog.
#. Web pages that have good content for your visitors will likely have high rankings from the search engines. This is critical for good rankings.
#. Choose a navigation bar that is logical and natural, once that your visitors and the search engines can easily follow.
#. Have each web page contain right or unique information. That is, each page makes its own contribution to the site.
#. Divide your website or blog into categories that are natural and appropriate for the theme of your website or blog . This will help both your visitors and the search engines to find the information they are seeking.
#. Use in your title maximum 3 keyword phrases and 100 characters that are appropriate for each web page. Because each page is unique, these keywords will be unique with their pages.
#. Keep the most important pages within the first two sub-levels of your website.
#. Add a description meta tag to each page that briefly (200 characters or less) describes the page.The META description tag describes your site's content, giving search engines' spiders an accurate summary filled with multiple keywords.
#. In summary, optimize your website or blog by having excellent content in the web pages. Focus each page on particular keywords or keyphares . keywords that are unique to each page and are meaningful to your visitors.

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