Sunday, March 7, 2010

On Page SEO

On Page Seo : On page SEO means the code page optimization.
Search engines are constantly improving their algorithm so they can provide more relevant results. A relevant site is one that provides quality content for its readers so after you have chosen your keyword phrases build the content of your pages around those keywords.
On page SEO means the code page optimization so, in this phase, you should pay special attention to the following:
* URL Naming
* Site Search Functionality
* Optimizing Web Pages
* Meta Tags
* Title
* Description
* Keywords
* Body text
* Creating Robots File
* Header and Footer
* Creating Sitemaps
* Image Tag Optimization

* Navigation
* Frames , Java scripts, Flash

* Validate Your Code and Feeds

* XML Sitemaps
* Good Fresh Content
Use Headings 
* URL Structure 
* Internal linking Strategy

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