Sunday, April 4, 2010

Internal Linking Strategies

Internal Linking Strategies : Internal linking is the way you site link to other pages within your site. internal linking is one of the most important Factor or Strategies that can help you to achieve a good ranking in search engine.Importance of various internal links to SEO. So here’s some following list:

Navigation TEXT Links
No image links, Avoid Javascript Links,Only keyword text links to menu items. Use CSS, Use graphic Background images and text links using keywords. 

Sitemap Links

Sitemap Links is the internal link we all agree on and rarely question. It’s accepted and sitemap necessary, again, Constraint on two point,the first is usability and the second one is topic relevance of the page. The site index list of links to every page .

Subject & Topic Group Links
Keep in mind on Subject & Topic Group Links is related to the site page.This is where we lose our focus and fail to map internal structure for either search engines or visitors. Good sites that rank very well will always use “Related Stories” according to the pages.Constraint on two point,the first is usability and the second one is topic relevance of the page.Many sites lose focus and use “Most Popular” links to pages unrelated to those they are on. If you want to you to achieve a good ranking in search engine Focus on Subject & Topic Group Links.

Breadcrumbs links
Breadcrumb Links :Breadcrumbs link is a navigation aid used in user interfaces.Breadcrumbs are navigational links that appear in every site below the page header.Breadcrumb Links is shown in hierarchy(category – subcategory).Breadcrumbs links structures define what you think is important and point visitors (and search engine robots) to an overall structure. Your opinion of what matters to your site informs the search engines.In other word Breadcrumbs show the path to the current web page and allows the visitor to link to any of the website pages along that path.Below show in the image the 

Types of Breadcrumbs
There are 3 types of web breadcrumbs:
1.Path: Path type of breadcrumbs are dynamic and show the path that the user has taken to arrive at a website page.Below is figure show the
Path type of breadcrumbs.

2. Location: location type of breadcrumbs are static and show where the page is located in the website hierarchy.
Below is figure show the Location type of breadcrumbs.

3. Attribute: The Attribute type of breadcrumbs give information that categorizes the current website page.
Below is figure show the attribute type of breadcrumbs.